The Biggest Hug

Twelve month old Bennett is enamored with his mom.  And for good reason.  She is all that and a bag of chips!  (I used to work at Frito-Lay, so I can say that and mean it.  Yummo.  Chips!)

Bennett’s love for his mother, Jennifer, was apparent throughout their South Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session from the way he called out “mama mama” ever so sweetly whenever she left the room and would give her THE BIGGEST hugs whenever she was close enough!


Below is a peek into the life of Jennifer, Baelson, Lucy (the furry big sister) and Bennett.  I’m sure you’ll adore them as much as I do.





South-Bay-lifestyle-baby-photography-baby-boy-walking-away  South-Bay-lifestyle-baby-photography-baby-boy-running


South-Bay-lifestyle-baby-photography-pinwheel-mobile  South-Bay-lifestyle-baby-photography-woman-smiling-at-her-baby






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  1. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness, Annie. I love how you’ve captured the spirit of our little guy and also our everyday interactions as a family (with Lucy, too)! I can just hear Bennett’s giggles when I look at some of the pictures. I think he was showing extra mama love during our shoot because he hadn’t napped, but I will accept that my son just adores me ;). I am gaga over him, too. Thank you for these beautiful images. We had so much fun at the shoot and loved working with you.

    • I had so much fun working with you, too, Jennifer!!! Little Bennett is just too cute, and he did AMAZING during the shoot, especially considering he didn’t nap. He may have been sleepy, but I can tell he gives you a lot of mama love normally. 🙂 He is a cuddlebug for sure!

      I will have your full gallery to view shortly, so stay tuned. ~annie

  2. Baelson

    These pictures are sooooo full of life, color and love!!! Thank you so much for capturing these sweet moments with our whole family. I love seeing his smiles and hugs frozen in time for us to go gaga over :D, especially since he’s growing SOOO fast.

    Can’t wait to see the rest!

    • I’m sure that first year zipped right by, Baelson! Your little man is so cute and full of personality. I’m so honored you let me come over, move your furniture around, and photograph your family. 🙂 The photos of Bennett smiling makes ME smile!