Some may think it’s a “pregnancy glow”, but I think it’s a glow from being Christine.  🙂

I had never met Christine til the day of her shoot, and right away, I could see she had a personality that glowed from the inside.  You know what I’m talking about!  She smiled a lot, had the kindest eyes, and was thoughtful to strangers around us at the park.  I found myself hugging her, like I had known her for years.

On top of that, she had the cutest baby bump that, even at 37 weeks gestation, you could only see when she stood sideways.

Daddy-to-be, Kevin, was funny and cool.  He had the kind of dry humor that I love from growing up in the East Coast.  I had a really fun afternoon with these two, and I know they’ll be wonderful parents to their little one.


East-Bay-lifestyle-maternity-photography-pregnant-woman-twirling  East-Bay-lifestyle-photography-babys-breath-flowers



East-Bay-lifestyle-maternity-photography-pregnant-woman-looking-at-belly-closeup  East-Bay-lifestyle-maternity-photography-pregnant-woman-leaning-against-bridge-railing


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