A 10 Year Anniversary Gift

So today’s photoshoot was booked by Lordson who will be celebrating his 10 year anniversary in a few months, and he wanted professional photos of their kids to create a special gift for his wife, Grace.  (Go Grace & Lordson!  Ten years… wow!)

However, the morning didn’t start out so great…

My Drive

Yep, THIS was the view during my drive to my photoshoot.  Uh… anyone notice a problem here?!!  It was dark and raining!  I was so stressed out.

Lordson and I had a lot of drama leading up to this shoot (it’s a long story), and then to deal with the weather?!!  We had to plan the shoot around Grace’s trip since this was a surprise gift, so it would be unfortunate to reschedule.  Besides, the weather report said it was suppose to be a cloudy, not wet!


Exhibitionist Squirrel

With my trusty zoom lens, I took photos of this furry little guy running up a tall tree… and, uh, unknowingly captured an image with TOO much detail!  =:O


Rain Rain Go Away!

It wasn’t raining when I arrived at our location.  Then about 30 minutes into our shoot, it started raining.  Here is Alex (4 years old) who didn’t care if he got wet.  I think both my kids would’ve headed for the car! 😉

You can see the rain coming down in this photo…



Little Ryan (23 months old) was such a good sport in front of the camera.  He didn’t mind when I got up close and personal!


Alex and Ryan


A Different Perspective

This is from the same series of photos as the one above.  I wanted to get the perspective that they were in the woods by shooting from far away as to get the blades of leaves into the shot. ‘

They were actually right next to a building, and there were cement paths and benches all around.


The Creek Walk

We chose this location because of the creek.  And as much as we were cursing (ok, not really cursing) the rainy weather, it hadn’t rained enough this year that the creek was dry as a desert!

So instead, we played in the dried up creek.  The canopy of trees acted as shelter from the rain, so it all worked out.

In this photo, you can see the excitement in the boys’ faces because they got to walk in this “jungle”, as Alex put it.  🙂


All The Boys

We of course captured some portraits of Lordson and his sons since these photos will be a present for Grace!

(By the way, it was raining at this time.  They were sitting on the wet grass and getting drizzled on.  I, with all my equipment, stayed under a nearby tree!)



I like the sharpness of Ryan’s eyes in this photo.  You can see the light from the sky reflected in his dark eyes.

I also love how his hand is reaching with every muscle in his fingers and the pattern of diagonal lines behind him. 



I have the same photo of Alex, but with his eyes directly at me (and the camera), but I like this one better.

From a creative standpoint, Alex’s eyes tell us that he is searching for something or someone.  His black eyes are so striking, even with him looking off to the side.

When subjects look directly at me, it can look like they are posing for the camera.  There is a time that looking directly at the camera is good, but in these editorial shots, I love that I’ve captured Alex looking for someone.

(In case you’re wondering, Alex was looking for his dad, who left to get something from his car.)


Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Lordson and Grace! (And for those of you who know them, DON’T BREATHE A WORD OF THIS TO GRACE.  THIS IS A SURPRISE!)

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