A Busy Month

March is the birth month of my two girls and also the middle of the rainy season, which means indoor birthday parties!

It started with a tea party for Mia and her best friends.


There was jewelry-making, manicures, and a whole lotta girlie fun!

Mia must have said, “Mommy!  I feel so special!” about 5 times that day.  🙂


Next, my sweet baby Ava turned one!


During her party, she enjoyed squishing the cake between her fingers, and she loved eating cake — but with a spoon!  My baby is refined! 😉


In preparation for the imbalance of attention, I had gifts for Ian when the girls opened their presents.  He also got to have dates with Mommy!

Even with all that effort on my part, something tells me that my little monkey will need extra attention for a little while longer.  Awwwww…



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