A Dog Drawn To Bacon

I am drawn to pretty light like a dog is drawn to bacon scraps that have fallen to the floor.  Okay, weird analogy, but you get what I’m saying!  I looooooove good light and can’t help, but spot it wherever I go.

Tonight, I was taking product shots of Standout Mounts and needed more natural light since it was evening already, so I opened the door.

Of course my little monkey comes dashing over and attempts to make a run for it!  I look over, call for him to stay inside the house, and then was in love with the light.  So I took a brief break from what I was doing to shoot him standing in the doorway.

It goes to show that you don’t need an interesting location to create a decent shot; just good light!


I like them both.

The one of Ian turned completely is more glowy and saturated in color, so I kept it in color.  And the sepia one really shows the sunny outline on his chubby cheeks and looks more moody.


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