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A Double Birthday Party

Last weekend, I shot a double birthday party for 2 sisters who are both lovable and darling, but have very different personalities.  I can tell this even at the ages of 1 and 3!

It is such a privilege to watch them grow.  I saw noticeable changes in the girls since their last shoot, especially for baby Charlie who couldn’t even sit up at her first shoot last year.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Danica!


Happy 1st Birthday, Charlotte!


The Personalities

I love the story of this shot.  It gives you a hint of their personalities just by the way they position their arms!


The Fam

Before the party started, we did a mini shoot!

That way, we got a mix of family-focused lifestyle portraits and editorial event photography!


Some Party Details


The Doting Grandparents

I should title this photo:  How many grandparents does it take to feed Charlie a bottle?  🙂  Just kidding.

I really found this to be one of the sweetest images!  Look how they are all touching Charlie.


The Petting Zoo

What a delight it was to have a petting zoo for the kids!  Below are a few of my favorites.

On the left we have Mr Houdini Chicken, The Escape Artist.  On the right is a beautiful, but daring peacock.  You’ll see her again soon…


This baby girl goat kept jumping on me.  I didn’t care about my pants or her breath or her little feet scratching me… it was my gear I was protecting.  Down, goat, down!


Meet Einstein the Duck.

Seriously, that’s his name!  I wonder if the duck really knows the Theory of Relativity?  Hmmmmm.


This is how much Danica — one of the birthday girls — liked the Petting Zoo!  =:O

Actually, she loved it.  Most of the kids were a little apprehensive when they first entered the Petting Zoo because the animals would walk right up to them!

But after they watched the animals for a few minutes and saw how tame they were, the kids loved it!


Here is a great example of why some of the kids were afraid of the animals.  Remember that pretty peacock?

This big bird walked right up and stuck her face in my lens!  Check out her body language here!  This peacock had attitude.  😉


It cracked me up to watch Daddy Alex hold Charlie by the sweater, so she wouldn’t fall over.

What was also amusing was that animals would walk up to her, lick, nibble or brush against her, and she wasn’t afraid!

The only animal that made her cry was the gi-normous bunny who must have weighed 20 lbs!


Dining In

I typically avoid capturing photos of people eating (c’mon, who wants a photo of their mouth full of food?), but I love the moody light from the large windows and the silhouette.


Happy Birthday, Dan-Dan and Charlie!!!


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