A Taste of Tuscany

Today was Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery’s “Taste of Tuscany” event.  RM Winery is a family-owned boutique winery in Livermore, CA.

(Check out their new website.  It is awesome.  And the photos are marvelous too!  *wink wink*)

It was a balmy Summery day…. a nice day to hang out outside with a glass of wine, great food and great company!  That’s what I witnessed at today’s event.

After I got all my shots, I tasted their new wines — Il Segreto & Primitivo 2008 — and olive oils.  Wonderful!

Here are a few to share from today…

Tom Duarte

The music served as a mood lifter at the event.

Duarte plays Latin music with jazz and funk fusion.  As the younger folks would say, “The man’s got skills!” 🙂

Great for the Palette, Great for the Mind

People gathered to learn about the new wines before tasting them.  (They didn’t have to.  They wanted to!)

Wine Tasting



Nancy Rodrigue is one of the owners.  Garry, her husband, is behind the bar.

I love meeting genuinely nice people, like Garry and Nancy!

Other People You May See at RM Winery

Oh wait.  You won’t see Baby Ava there!  Except for today.  She and the hubs accompanied me today.

Isn’t her expression funny?! This is Ava saying, “Eek!  Mama, it’s HOT out here!”  😉

Olive Oils

RM Winery just introduced two flavors of olive oils.

The Leccino Olive Oil is my favorite.  Yummy!

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