A Toddler’s Cheap Thrill

I just don’t get it when parents spend a lot of moolah buying their toddler toys when their favorite playthings always seem to be things that cost a buck, or better yet, they’re free because it is a part of some common household item!

Ian’s new cheap thrill are stickers.  These stickers come in a book with thousands of small sticky goodies, and the entire book is $1 at Michael’s Art Store.

Here is Ian one morning this week.  (You can tell it’s the morning because he is still wearing his monkey jammies!)


The nice thing about stickers, other than how they don’t cost a lot, is that they are easily transportable.

Throw a sheet in your diaper bag, the car, your purse, and voila!  You’ll always be ready to entertain toddler (at least for a couple minutes, right?!!)



My next blog post will be about where all these little stickers end up… all over the house!  Oh boy!

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