Accordian Fun Books

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

These adorable, custom-created books are small in size, but don’t let that fool ya!  They are well-constructed on thick, premium paper and protected by a hard cloth cover!

Accordian Fun Books make great gifts for any occasion!  And they can feature your baby, teen, engagement, wedding, company products, or an event!

The details:

* Each Fun Book holds up to 10 photos and folds/unfolds like an accordian.  Photos will be printed on both sides.

* Images are printed on premium card stock (Smooth Cover, 100# in weight) and will have a glossy coating to give added protection to your images.  You can also opt for Pearl paper (a luminous, shimmery paper; 107# in weight).  There is no glossy coating on Pearl paper.

* They are 3×3 in size.

* You select the color of the art cloth cover!  See below.

* Click here for the Products page to get more information, such as number of books per order.

To give you an example of these adorable products, I took a few photos of the ones I just created for the A. Family and their twins boys.

Three Fun Books (shown in Baby Blue)


Fun Book Side A (displays up to 4 images)


Fun Book Side B (displays up to 6 images)


Art Cloth Cover


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