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National bestselling author Mia King just came out with her 3rd novel, Table Manners, which hit the stores last week!  (Click here to get it on Amazon!)

I had the pleasure of taking photos of her at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Dublin, CA as well as shooting her headshots for upcoming books.

Book Signing

Mia King teamed up with friend and fellow author, Jessica Barksdale Inclan, for this book signing.  The duo made quite a team and engaged the audience as well as made them laugh.


Reading an excerpt from her new book.


Headshots at Home

Mia King wanted an indoor home setting for her new headshots. 



Me and My Visions

Prior to our photoshoot, I envisioned Mia King sitting behind a stack of her books while having her eyes peek out from above her latest book, Table Manners.

Mia King is one of those people with “smiling eyes”, so that’s where the inspiration of this shot came from.  The shot is fun and whimsical with the perfectly balanced composition and bright colors.

She was great for entertaining me with this shot.  I am not sure where she’d use this photo, but I love it!


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