Birthday Funnies

I had last week off from client shoots, so I got nothin’ good for ya!  Well, I have a few funny ones to share…

Last week was my hubs’ bday.  He turned 29… again.  😉

Homemade Chocolate Fudge Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Icing

I don’t cook gourmet meals much (okay, not at all), but I have been into baking the past few months.  Mmmmm.


A Splatter of What?

Here he is, The Birthday Boy, blowing out his *ehem* nine candles.

Since this photo was taken when the only light was from these teeny weeny candles, the photo was dark and bo-ring, so I applied a wash and then added some texture for fun.

I wasn’t sure if this was blog-worthy, so I showed it to Lawrence.  He paused momentarily, so I jumped in:  “Doesn’t it look like an old photo… and then you ate your cake over it?!!”

His response was quick and direct:  “Yeah, and then I murdered everyone!”

That was when I knew I had to share this on my blog!  It made me laugh SO HARD!  He is right.  The “splatters” don’t look like cake splatter; they look blood splatter!)  Anyhow, enjoy my blood-splattered photo!  🙂


Yep, I’m secure enough with my photography to share even the funny/terrible photos!  😉

So after cake, we played a bunch of games.  I won’t bore you.  It was more for the kids’ enjoyment.  Let’s just say Lawrence had to be Dora The Explorer in one of the games!  Then it was bath time.

“Look, Mama!  I can wash myself!”

Sigh… my little monkey is growing up.


“Pick a cup, Dad.”

“Okay.  This one.”

This is a fun 2-year old game (sarcasm) that Ian started this past month.  He would make us choose from a bunch of things.  That’s the game.  Seriously, that’s all!


Alrighty folks.  Thanks for reading.  I’ll have more interesting photos next week.  I have another newborn shoot, which I am looking forward to!

And if I mess up any other photos, I’ll be sure to share them.  (Hey, it’s always good to laugh at yourself once in awhile!  I do!)


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