Canvas-Wrapped Fine Art Gallery

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Canvas galleries instantly turn a photo you love into a unique modern work of art to hang on your wall!

It also makes a fantastic birthday gift, anniversary gift, or a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.

Here’s an example of one….

I am holding a 16×24″ canvas-wrapped gallery with black edges.  It is really heavy and sturdy, and the colors are fantastic.  I am impressed!



* My canvas-wrapped galleries are museum-style with a 1.5″ thickness!

* You will receive stretched canvas on solid wood museum stretcher bars.  The wood is heavy duty and twice as thick as standard bars.

* Most dimensions are available.  In general, these galleries look best in sizes larger than 8×10″.

* It arrives ready-to-hang!  It comes with wall hanging hardware, bumpers and a dust cover on the back to protect your artwork as well as the wall you hang it on.

* Images printed on canvas are realistic (not rendered with brush strokes to look like a painting).



* Edges: The edges of your gallery will have part of your image on it, as long as there is enough room on your image to fit around the 1.5″ edges.  You can also opt to have solid black edges.

The first gallery on this post has a black edge and the other two have an image edge.  Personally, I like it when the edges are part of the image, but not all images have enough space to stretch around the edges or you may not like the loss of certain details when a part of the image is used for the gallery edges.  In this case, black edges will work better.  If you do not specify the edge, I will make an artist’s choice based on the image you choose.

* Chunk Canvases: Chunk galleries are 2.5″ thick and provide a more dramatic feel to your canvas-wrapped gallery!  Chunk canvases would look great on larger canvas galleries, like 20×30″ and larger.

* Canvas Splits: A standard canvas-wrapped gallery is one image on a single gallery, but you can opt for a canvas split, where you have multiple panels for the same image!  You can choose from 3-panels or 4-panels.  You would hang your panels next to each other (with a 1 to 3″ space between each panel) to see the entire image.  The panels are divided equally, so each panel is the same size.

3-panels canvas splits                                                    4-panels



* Second Canvas Discount:  50% off your duplicate canvas.  (This is perfect if you want a canvas for yourself and one to give away!)


* See my website under Pricing for current rates.

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