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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

CD of Gallery Images

When you order a CD of Gallery Images, this is what you get:

1. High resolution images in JPG, so you can print your images as large as your heart’s content!

2. You get ALL the photos in your client gallery!

3. A custom-designed CD!  The top of your CD is laser-inscribed with details of your photoshoot and a photo.  This means the design and text on your CD is resistant to fading or peeling like ordinary CD labels.  And it certainly looks a heck of a lot nicer than a standard CD with Sharpie scribbles on it!

What this means is that you get a high quality CD AND high quality images!



Here is an example of a postcard and CD duo I delivered to a client not long ago.  I took this photo late at night (that’s when I do most of my work) and on my dining table, but you can get an idea of what the set looks like.

If you purchase postcards, YOU choose your photo and text for both the cover and backside.  Postcards are more fun than prints (though not as sharp), and they’d make creative invitations, family cards, notecards, etc.  (Click here for product pricing.)

Sometimes I run specials where postcards are a FREE gift!  So look out for those!  I have clients who use them in place of prints to give to family or to use as thank you cards!  For some organizations, this is an ongoing special.  Email me if you’re not sure if you get a stack of these pretty babies for free and I’ll let you know!



The CD and postcards are “gift-ready” in its packaging.

You can buy additional CDs for a nominal price.  They make awesome gifts for distant family and grandparents!


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