Celebrate The ‘Do

Ahhhh… my monkeys.

They are the source of my joy and the cause for my accelerated aging the past couple years!  😉

No matter what, I can’t stand being away from them, even though they sometimes drive me nuts.  I am one of those extreme moms who has never left my kids.  I know, I know, I am nuts!

In any case, I thought I’d share some funny photos I took today of my littlest monkey, Ian, who will be turning 2 in August!  (I still think of him as my baby though.)  Melia was in preschool at the time, so Ian and I got to spend some quality Mom Time together.

Celebrate The ‘Do

…with your sister’s hair bows?!!

Ian got a much-needed haircut this morning.  And this is how he celebrated his new ‘do after we got home!

He sure did enjoy himself!  And I guarantee that these photos will resurface when he’s older… 🙂

Love All Your Faces

I think baby faces are great in all expressions.  I like The Stare, big oval yawns, giggles, and even crying or pouty faces.

I wonder if this annoys Ian, but when he makes these pouty faces that I captured below, it always makes me laugh!  He can be so dramatic, but in such a cute way that I find entertaining.

Playing, Lounging, Chilling

This may be enough of Ian that you’ll need to see for awhile.  The next installation of Ian photos will be on his birthday!

My little dude is turning TWO… and his cousins from Hawaii will be here to help him celebrate.  It’ll be so cool.

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