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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

One of my Los Angeles clients just sent me photos of her wall gallery that she created for her livingroom.

As I advise all my clients who purchase their images on CD, you are welcome to print photos yourself at a lab of your choice, but for artwork you plan to display, you will get much better results by ordering the prints through me.  I will not only print from a professional lab and on professional paper, but the best part is that I also look closely at each and every photo you order and “oomph-ify” them!

Some images look fantastic straight-out-of-the-camera, but most professional photographers will admit that most photos can use a little enhancing here and there, even if it is to make the colors pop a little more or to give something a smidge more contrast.  You are welcome to give me specifics of what you want done, like “please lighten the shadow on my husband’s face”.  I will accommodate all requests!

Here is a photo of my client’s wall gallery…   (FYI:  This photo was not taken by me)


She ordered all the prints through me, then framed them herself and created her gallery.  I think it really completes her livingroom!  🙂

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