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Updated: Aug 24, 2020


After years of offering Fine Art Books and Proof Books, I’ve been yearning to have something in-between.  Something not as glorious and hefty as a 10×10″ Fine Art Book and something not as small and casual as a Proof Book.  I wanted a book that has thick pages and a nice hard cover while is also pretty and medium-sized, so you can see the photos!  It also has to be affordable, so that clients can order it as often as they want.

And at last, I found it.  Cue dramatic music…

VOILA!  My Coffee Table Book!!!

It is the perfect size to put on your table, hold in your hand, and flip through:  8×8″!


The hard cover has genuine leather.  [The one shown is in Merlot — a deep red, my favorite color.]


The press-printed book is made of heavy matte card-stock.


It is a lay-flat book with hinges.  Tthere is a gutter in the middle of the spread, so images are a maximum of 8″ in height and width.

[In my photos, the design of the book interior is an “All About Me” theme that highlights one child or baby.  For shoots with multiple people, like Lifestyle Family Shoots, your design will be clean and modern with mostly full page images.]



  1. It is 8″x8″.

  2. There are 20 pages (or 10 spreads).

  3. You can choose from a variety of covers:  genuine leather, soft suede or textured fabric.

  4. I will choose the photos that will best fit in the book and create a custom layout that will tell your “story”, so the process is easy for you.

  5. Your Coffee Table Book will arrive in a bow-wrapped box — perfect for gifting.

  6. For Lifestyle Family Shoots, the design of the book will be clean and modern with mostly full page photos.

  7. For single child and baby photos, you can choose to have an “All About Me” themed book, as shown in the sample images in this post.



Genuine Leather (left to right):  Midnight Alligator, Woodland Alligator, Merlot Alligator, Midnight Leather, Dark Chocolate Leather, White Winter Leather, Merlot Leather.

[Sample photos in this post have the Merlot Leather cover.]


Soft Suede (left to right):  Rustic Red, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla Cupcake, Olive Green, Midnight Blue.


Textured Fabric (left to right):  Midnight, Sand, Chocolate, Slate, Ocean, Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Summer Sky.


Just for clarification because I now offer two types of books…

When you should choose the Coffee Table Book over the Fine Art Book:

  1. You are giving multiple gifts or want to order a book every year.

  2. You are satisfied with a smaller collection of images in the book.

  3. You fully trust your photographer (ME!) to choose your images.

When you should choose the Fine Art Book over the Coffee Table Book:

  1. You want a larger book.  (Coffee Table Book is 8×8″, Fine Art Book is 10×10″.)

  2. You want more control in choosing the photos.  (We work together after your shoot to select the images.)

  3. You prefer a higher quality, thicker paper.

  4. You want a custom-designed cover.

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