Commercial Photography: Commure

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Photographing a start-up company for launch is unlike a regular Commercial Shoot.

There is an air of excitement at the office when all the long hours and late nights of hard work are finally making a debut to the World.  I photographed anything and everything, from the company culture to headshots of the leadership team to the physical office space.

Being there for 2 half-days as a “fly on the wall” was soOoOoOoOo fun — mostly because the people I met were hip, friendly, and brilliant-minded (what a great combination), but it was also because they occupy this spectacular mid-century modern office space in Downtown San Francisco.  Oh, and they have a furry four-legged employee named Oscar!

Commure is a technology company that accelerates healthcare innovation.  It was in stealth mode when I had my first shoot there, so I couldn’t post anything, but now I can, so woohoo!

The leadership team

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