Commercial Photography: Rice University

I went back to Houston, y’all!  🙂  This time, I spent a few days photographing the beautiful and prestigious Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University.  (For short, I call it Rice Business School.)

All important projects have goals.  One of my goals was to capture the personality and essence of Rice Business School in an authentic way.  My days consisted of attending classes, taking casual headshots of students within each MBA program, capturing images of professors collaborating with students, scouting locations, and sculpting images based on the light.  Putting someone in the stairwell because there was “good light” was not unfathomable!  😉

All great adventures have obstacles.  One that surfaced was the weather.  There could be sun and clear skies and then a half hour later, it would turn dark, rainy, and windy.  And no one would blink an eye… except me, a California girl whose State has been in a severe drought for years.  When it rains in CA, it’s reported on every news channel!

No obstacle was too big, however, even when we found out on Shoot Day 1 that there would be no students on Day 3 and few students on Day 2.  So yes, I had to photograph a school with limited students.  Meh, not a problem!  😉  All kidding aside, I wholeheartedly believe challenges are opportunities for growth, so bring them on, I say!

Now take a look.

These are the faces of Rice Business School… the faces of the campus, faculty and students.  They have much to celebrate at this school, and I am humbled to be a part of their creative process.

Want to see what I worked on the last time I was in Houston?  There was a dark and windy rainstorm then too!  Click HERE and HERE.

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