Commercial Photoshoot: Roger Kenneth Marsh

Today, I had the privilege of photographing Published Author and Certified Life Coach, Roger Kenneth Marsh!

After reviewing his website, I came up with the idea of having him stand on a path since he helps people figure out how to live life passionately and joyfully.  In essence, he helps direct people on the right path!

So instead of just shooting some standard headshots and full body shots, we spiced things up a little with some metaphorical images.

One nice surprise was how the weather cooperated.  There was light rain on my drive, which made me a little worried about the outdoor portion of our shoot.  Then the rain stopped before I arrived.  And on our hike up the hill for the path shots, the rain clouds parted and the most amazing sky appeared!

Here are a couple to share…


I’ll post more later.  Good night!

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