The Way I See The World

I was listening to a podcast with Simon Sinek who stated our brains cannot comprehend the negative. An example is how a downhill skier who thinks "don't hit the trees, don't hit the trees" will likely crash into a tree because his brain is now focusing on the trees! Instead, he must think: "Stay on the path." Similarly, if someone told me to not think of a chocolate chip cookie, guess what I am thinking will taste great with a latté?

If this is true, then we are reinforcing negative or positive things to come our way just by the way we think.

Hold on.... lemme grab a cookie.

I've always been a silverlining kind of person, but with the pandemic and the death of loved ones and relationships, the past couple years I heard a lot of "don't hit the trees".

What I am genuinely grateful for is how my lifestyle photoshoots always put me back on the right path because I inherently do this on my shoots: find the light even in darkness, feel joy with or without cause for celebration, and see beauty in all people and places. I focus on the moments in front of me, without much thought about the future or worry about the past.

Thanks to Julie and Calvin and their cuddly 16-month old baby bear for reminding me that the way I shoot is the way I should always see the World.

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