Soar and Roar

I just learned a life lesson from a 7 and 10 year old.

The entire morning, Dex and Rory climbed through unkempt areas that had all kinds of, umm.. let's call them nature-y things! There were decomposed animals, mounds of poop, pleasant things like that. Also, things happened, like an eye was poked, a contact fell out, and a stranger yelled at us.

Yet, not one complaint, comment, or worry.

Instead, I watched Dex smile and laugh as he ran around, balancing on dried mossy rocks and finding sticks in cool shapes. I watched Rory look around for what amazing animal may have created the mounds of poop on the ground. I saw her eyes widen and her face gleam with curiosity. She had so much to tell me. She and Dex noticed what I thought were negatives of that morning, but they didn't let anything get in the way of their day or doing what they enjoy.

Life should be more than enduring and finding contentment. Take life by the horns and ROAR. Negatives will happen, but don't let them get in your way. And most importantly, do what makes your heart soar and your face light up.

Be like Rory and Dex!

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