Easter Egg Fun

My daughter had one of her best friends from her preschool come over today for some Easter egg fun!

Ryan is 4 1/2 yrs old and has the most amazing eyes!  I couldn’t resist picking up my camera…


When my daughter saw this photo (below), she said this photo is funny because Ryan’s mouth is covered by his hand.

That is exactly why I love this photo so much!  🙂  He also has this surprised look on his face because I just called his name!  I enjoy that he isn’t smiling at me, and I love that the features in front of his face help tell the story of what he’s doing.  That’s the difference between a “portrait” and an “editorial” shot.


Same with this photo below… I love that the egg is in front of him (blurred out) and covers part of his face.   Now if only the background (my house) was a prettier backdrop!  😉


Ryan’s pose.  As far as poses go, I put this one on my blog because I like how his hands are folded.  It makes the photo more interesting than if his hands were held by his side.


Hee hee.  I like silly faces.


Some of Melia and Ryan’s decorated eggs.

They painted, dipped in dye, stamped and stickered.  It was an art EGGStravaganza!  (I couldn’t help CRACKING that joke!) =:D


Happy Easter!

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