Fairy Princess

I spent the afternoon with a bunch of 3 and 4 year old girls — oh, I mean fairy princesses!  My very own Melia had been looking forward to Grace’s birthday party all week!

Here are some photos I took just for fun.

Keep in mind that these are indoor photos WITHOUT FLASH.  Yep, I accidentally grabbed a zoom lens instead of my external flash when we left in a hurry.  You moms know what I mean!

(Note to photographers:  I pretty much maxed out my ISO just to get enough light, and of course had the aperture opened all the way.  Thus, you’ll see a grainy look to most of the photos.  I refuse to use the camera’s built-in flash — ick.)

Gracie, now 4 years old!

Father and daughter dance

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had one of these built into our homes?!!  Alright, maybe not.

This was taken at the end of their fashion show.  Yes, you read correctly.  They struck a pose at the end of the walkway and everything!

The Fairy Princesses

Mmmm…. frosting with a side of cupcake!

Hee hee… and that’s me in the mirror!  I couldn’t resist.

Now all the fairy princesses are sleeping.  Good night!

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