First Dance Recital

My little dancer had her first performance ever last night!

Melia was a student of KinderDance and had the greatest dance teacher, Mrs. Terrie Guevarra.  It was a small class of students from ages 3 to 5.  Melia was the 2nd youngest.

Melia was so darling, and the dance performance was so sweet!  My insides turned to mush as I watched my first baby dance her heart out even though she was embarrassed and scared to perform in front of people.

At home, just before we left…

She enjoyed wearing a special sequined tutu that I had to buy for this 30 minute performance.  Ah, such is the life of a dancer’s parent!

(Note:  These are NOT my best photos I’ve ever taken, but I had to share them with you!  I was trying to stay in my seat and soak in the moment.)

Just before the show started…

Dancers with Mrs. Terrie (left to right):  Elona, Ellie, Hailey and Melia

The performance started with warm ups, then motor skills exercises….

Then it went into ballet…

Below Left: Melia during the performance

Below Right: Melia in between dances!  She’d give me this “I’m scared, Mama!” look and then run to me!  I’d reassure her that she was doing a terrific job, and she’d say, “I’m shy.  Everyone’s staring at me!”  She did great… she’d muster up the courage and go back for the next dance!

Ian clapping for his big sister!

That’s me, Melia’s personal Paparazzi and costume-changer!  Changing into tap shoes…

Performing a tap routine to “Kicking Kangaroos”…

“Feel the Beat”

Ian held onto Lawrence’s fingers and made him clap for Melia!

Receiving her certificate and flowers…

Melia and Ellie enjoying their rose bouquets!  (These were Melia’s very first bouquet of flowers.)

The kids held hands on the way home.  Yep, never seen that before!  🙂

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