From National Parks to Airlines

This two-day Commercial Photography project was ACTION-PACKED!  I toured all around the San Francisco Bay Area to meet managers and senior executives who hired City College of San Francisco (CCSF) students and graduates.  It was a diverse set of businesses in terms of industry, company size and job type.

Some businesses I photographed were:  Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, BMW of San Francisco, McCalls Catering and Events, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Michael Raifsnider Law Office, and United Airlines.

Photographing real people in their actual workplace during work hours in a lifestyle way is exciting.  There was constant movement all around us, limited time, and distracting elements at each location.  Yet, very quickly, I had to decide how and where to shoot that will tell the visual story I wanted.

See what I mean?  Exciting, right?!!  🙂

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