Handcrafted Silver Photo Charm Necklace

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Everything about this jewelry piece says I Love You!

~ It is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and custom-made.

~ You choose the image that will be worn next to your heart.

~ The photo will be permanently sealed into the jewelry, so it is waterproof and UV-resistant.  This means the necklace can be worn everywhere, and it will still look fabulous!

~ You choose the word to be handstamped on the charm (up to 7 letters).  It can be a name, initials, a favorite saying.

~ Everything is sterling silver.


More Details:

* The photo pendant is approximately 3/4″.

* The photo will be printed at a professional lab.

* You can choose between a circle or square photo pendant.  If you purchase multiple pendants, you can mix and match shapes.

* Necklaces come with an 18″ sterling silver ball chain.  If you prefer, you can request a 16″ ball chain instead.

* Charms are handstamped, not machine-stamped, so each charm is unique and not “perfect”.

* Photo pendants and charms can be purchased individually, so your collection can grow over time.

For pricing information, please check out my products page on my website.

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