I left my heart in…

This past Saturday, the skies were clear for my San Francisco photoshoot.  This nice family, The M’s, are moving out of the country, so they wanted to do have classic San Francisco shots, so they can remember their many years here.  Ahhhh…. San Francisco is THE most beautiful American city!  I love SF.  No wonder someone wrote that song, “I left my heart in San Francisco”!

Here are some shots to share from that day…

This is one of my favorite family shots that day with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  I love the puffy clouds against the blue sky… it looks like a watercolor painting.  And the reds and pinks of the girls’ jackets and the bridge really pop!


A “mood shot” of mom and Poppy…


Baby Isla was a perfect baby that day!  It was a shivering cold day – and VERY windy – but not a peep, fuss, or complaint from Isla!  She even smiled on command and let me get really close with my camera.


Look at those long lashes and big blue eyes!  I especially like this photo because of the facial expression Isla has.


Poppy’s red hair… need I say more?!!  🙂


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