I Moustache You A Question

I moustache you a question… (Yep, I went there!)  What will you do when your last child is heading off to College?

In three short days, the L Family will have their last baby leave home for College.

This makes the Summer of 2013 a special time, and they knew exactly how to celebrate:  have a family photoshoot avec moi.  (Yay for me!)

In The Fields

Siblings, Haley and Trevor, were so fun to be around.

Trevor had funny remarks that kept everyone laughing.  Haley had the best facial expressions.

One thing I didn’t expect to hear during their shoot was Trevor saying in a sexy whisper, “Juan Pablo”!  omg.  hilarious!

At the Park

After the fields, we headed to a small local park for some grass time.

Moustache Family

It was hot and humid yesterday, so the sweat made the moustaches not stick too well.

Haley’s moustache had just fallen when I took this shot.  I love her reaction and the way her mom, Lisa, glanced at her sideways.

To the L Family:

Good luck, Haley, on your first year in College.  Have a great third year, Trevor.  Thank you, Lisa and Todd, for inviting me into your home and into your lives to capture this important time.



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