A school where the teachers are passionate about their lessons and their students.

The administrative staff have pride in where they work.

The students respect the uniqueness of their peers and enjoy learning.  They are smart, self-assured and talented.

I was there.  Oakwood.

Oakwood is a Preschool through High School campus in Morgan Hill, CA.  Even with many students, I thought the school had more of a small town feel because of how friendly everyone was to us and each other.

The staff welcomed us with smiles and hugs, and brought us water and energy snacks (aka CHOCOLATE) throughout our 2-days there.

My goal was to capture images of student life at Oakwood as well as interactions between the teachers and their students.

These girls were giggling about the owl pellets display.

What was shocking was how many of the students were multi-talented in the Arts — from performance art to music.

There were times I felt like I was on the set of Glee!  🙂

It was really my pleasure to meet such a wonderful group of students and faculty.

I was so impressed with Oakwood that I wish they were closer to me, so MY kids could attend there!

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