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Inspiring Stories: Meet Annie Tao [Interview]

Look what just came in...

It's a draft of my printed interview for SDVoyager, in their Inspiring Stories section. Someone pinch me!

Other than seeing my giant face in print (omg it's way too big), it was really fun to share my story. I love talking about how I got started because it was a leap of faith.

I realize now, in my old age (haha), that there is a remarkable difference between having hope and having faith. Hope is kind of like wishing for things, which is passive. Faith is active. It's believing in things while you're doing something. I am happy to share my story if there is even a possibility it can inspire someone to take a leap of faith themselves to do something they love, to follow their passion, or to live their truth.

Don't just wish for it. You can do it!

Here is the online version of this article on SDVoyager: Meet Annie Tao.

The most-asked question people give me is how I define Success. I love answering this because my definition has changed through my life. It's the last question in the interview, if you have a moment to read it. If you don't right now, well, here is my favorite line...

And it's always, no matter what, about being grateful for the little things, not just the big things in life. Sipping a delicious cup of coffee on a cold morning, feeling the sun on my face, hearing "I love you, Mommy" from my little one after a long day. That is success to me.

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