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My Interview: Risk, Reward & Life

What a privilege it was to be interviewed by Shoutout SoCal. This was the first interview I've given that wasn't specifically about photography, but rather, it was about... ME!

Holy toledo. *blush*

If you haven't heard of Shoutout before, it's a publication that highlights entrepreneurs and artists in various parts of the country. Check this out! They said: "We also think every voice matters and that these conversations shouldn't be led by billionaires, media elites, or celebrities. We feel it's far more relevant to hear from the folks who make up the fabric of our communities - small business owners, mom and pops, and independent artists and creatives."

My interview is about Risk, Reward & Life.

They asked me a lot of thought-provoking questions.

One of the hardest was how does my business change the World. I'm not sure if it changes the World, but it hopefully influenced a few people, like those whom I had the honor of photographing or people who see my images.

This is what I said...

"I photograph people the way they truly are: happy, serious, contemplative, and on big milestones as well as the days in-between. This gives people permission to let go of social norms and expectations. It tells the world that being yourself is the best way to be, that you are beautiful, and that every day should be celebrated." ❤️

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