Interesting Locations

I believe you can have an incredible shoot anywhere.  What makes a successful shoot isn’t as much about being at a picturesque location as it is about having your subjects feel comfortable and relaxed….and of course, having great light.

Most of the time, I don’t choose an atypical location right away because I realize my clients will probably think I’m kidding or worse, think I’m crazy.  Rather, my crazy/weird ideas usually come up during the shoot.  🙂

It usually happens when I spot “good light”.  To me, it doesn’t matter where exactly that spot is because good light is good light!  Maybe it’s in the little “island” in the middle of a busy city street (see first photo below).

If a client tells me they want to shoot in an atypical location, I would welcome it.  In fact, I’d probably do one of those jumps where you clap your feet to the side.  I have many talents!  😉

Middle of the Street



Parking Lot

What can I say?!!  The light was perfect and cast a beautiful golden tone on her skin.

The next two images are examples that beautiful plots of land could be right next to where you park your car.




I stepped around broken glass by a dumpster to capture this shot.

My father-in-law (cute older gentleman below) probably thought I was nuts for stopping here for our 3-generation image.



Whether you are inside or outside, museums usually have beautiful architecture, sculptures and artwork that are beautiful backdrops for images.

[Note:  Some museums don’t allow photography inside, so you will want to check first before heading there.]


Whether you’re getting in the car…

…sitting inside the car…

…playing outside the car…

…or people are divided inside and outside the car, car images can be a pretty fun place to shoot!

Stay tuned for Part 2!  (The list was too long to fit all in one post!)

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