It’s Time! [Holiday Cards 2011]

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Now that it’s November, holiday festivities begin, colder weather arrives, and our To Do Lists most likely expand.

One thing that is good to do now is start thinking about your holiday cards.  If you’ve already had your photoshoot, then hooray — you’re halfway there!  Now, onto ordering your holiday cards.

This is my first year I will not be selling my own cards, but I am working with Tiny Prints, where I have my own storefront.

I’ve chosen card designs that are modern and clean, and I believe will best reflect your photos.

Click on the banner to go to my storefront:

What I love best about these cards, other than the designs that I’ve carefully chosen, is the SUPERB quality paper, which is integral for great-looking photos.

You also get to customize your card to make it your own.  You can change colors, the main message, inside text (of course), and even designs for the back of the card.  (I like including a little update about my family to share with loved ones.)

If you have any questions, you know where to find me!   🙂


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