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I took a “Girl Trip” this weekend to Los Angeles.  Just me and my girlie-pie.

It was my first time leaving my baby Ian (he’s 17 mos old).  When I thought about it, it made me tear up.  Good thing I was distracted with back-to-back activities and people to see!  My other posts (“The Godfathers” & “Ted, Cindy and Matthew“) are from our trip to LA.

Since we were driving down from the SF Bay Area (that’s 6 hours for those of you who haven’t made the drive), I had tons to prepare and pack, so I failed to bring my external flash for my camera.  Argh.

These are INDOOR photos taken SANS flash!  (You know how I don’t like built-in flash!)  I had to work a little Photoshop magic.

This is RD.


Sarah (2) and Mia (3) taking a “girl bath”.


Here’s Sarah’s whatcha-talkin-’bout-Willis look!


Drinking water from the faucet.  Hey, at least it’s not tub water!

She also ate toothpaste and any kind of sauce she could get her hands on, but I wasn’t fortunate enough to capture that on camera.   😉


Esther cooked a feast — and I mean FEAST — every day that weekend.  I gained 1.5 lbs in those 2 days.  No kidding!


Richard Buckley III.  For short, everyone calls him Buckley.  I like calling him Buckeroo.

Okay, he’s eating here, so he’s probably going to kill me that I put this on my blog.  But I really like this photo!  I think he looks great!  I love the way his eyes and peppery hair look in this photo.  And I love how you can see the rain coming down from the window behind him.


This is my cousin Rosie feeding baby Matthew.  Matthew has his own blog post – check it out:  Ted, Cindy and Matthew.


The cousins.

Not a flattering photo of either of us, but we don’t see each other often enough to be picky about our photos together.  I love them no matter what!


SoCal is so spread out that each place we went to, we had to drive a minimum of 45 minutes.  Here is my poor girl konked out with Kitty.

Do you see Kitty’s bandaid?  (Poor Kitty needed “emergency surgery” because that bandaid’s hardcore glue permanently adhered the bandaid to her fur!  She now has a patch of fur missing on her tail!)


One of Esther’s display of photos from our photoshoot a year ago!


The Kiddie Table my last night in LA:  The Buckley kids + Ty kids + Mia.  (Thanks for hosting the party, Es!)


Here I am with my good friends from Cal!  (Left to right:  Esther Buckley, moi, Dr Angela Nishio)

It was just like our College days — minus the parties, pre-parties, after-parties, all night studying, and boys… and insert 2 kids per person (well, 3 if you count our husbands), some greys, some laugh lines, and a bit of wisdom.  See?  Just like the old days!


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