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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Out with the OLD:

In with the NEW:

The reason why creating my new brand took so long was because I wanted something that was fresh, clean, modern and sophisticated.  It had to be something that would match all aspects of my business — from lifestyle photography of children/families to commercial and event photography.  That’s quite a tall order!

For my logo, I wanted an icon that represented my creative style — emotive and natural — yet also symbolized my reason for starting my photography business.  (If you want to read about how I started, it’s in the first part of my feature in the September 2011 issue of Kodak Exposure.)

In the icon, there are 2 sets of leaves, one representing me and one representing my dad.  Together, they form the shape of a blossomed flower.

It has been almost 11 years since my dad unexpectedly passed and I had to plan his funeral with my brother.  He never met any of my 3 children or got to attend my wedding or even met my husband.  He didn’t get to witness my career change into an Art field, something he encouraged me to pursue since I was a child.

I think about him every time I am sad and when something great happens to me… and a million moments in-between.  Thing is, I also realize that it was because of his passing that pushed me to pursue my dreams.  So I feel blessed to be able to take something positive away from something sad and tragic.

When I look at my logo icon, I see life and love.  It reminds me that happiness is what I make of my life, not what happens to me.  So I am proud to present my new blogsite and branding to you all.

Do something you love every day, my friends!  It doesn’t have to be your career; the “small” things are just as important.



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