Life with Lily

Beautiful 8-month old, Lily, was such a treat to photograph!  And her parents cracked me up, especially Jessica, who made me forget why I was there at times because we were laughing so hard together.  🙂

Here’s a little sneak peek of this morning’s photoshoot of The P Family’s life…

Life Imitating Art


Life with Music


A Relaxing Life


Life with Mom

The way Lily has her arm bent and her head tilted makes her look so mature.  I can imagine what she’d look like as a teenager!

And the way she is looking into the camera… it’s like she’s saying something.  Can you hear it?


Life with Electronics

Toys?  Nah.  Electronics and cables and breakable art?  Oh yes!

Lily even tweeted that she had a nice time at her first photoshoot with me!  Incredibly gifted baby, isn’t she?!  🙂


Life with Books

Chewing them is just as good as reading them!  Er, well…in this shot, Lily was trying to chew the book, but there seemed to be a chunk missing in the middle.


Life As Lily

This is the stop-me-in-my-tracks shot!  I actually gasped when I was flipping through the images and spotted it!  No kidding.

Lily’s relaxed face, her amazingly GORGEOUS eyes, her perfectly swept hair, her velvety baby skin, the jewel-colored background, and the sweet window light!  Ahhhh… I am in love!


Thank you, Jessica and Jason, for welcoming me into your home.  I had a great time with you guys!  Lily was an angel and did marvelously.  I can’t wait to show you the entire gallery!



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