Loud and Quiet

Loud and quiet.  This relates to volume, and this can also describe a mood.

When it comes to photographing families with young children, it is always certain I’ll capture the vibrant personalities, bright colors and exploding laughter.  That is what I’d describe as “loud”.

Then there is “quiet”, which is more soulful.

Yesterday’s Lifestyle Family Photography session in San Francisco had many great examples of “quiet”.

Leading His Little Girl

A Conversation

Writing a Novel


Checking On Annie

Quiet versus Loud

I love the “quiet” images.  They make me slow down and take inventory of my feelings.

I also love “loud” images.  They make me laugh and make my heart happy!  Below are a few examples.

*Photographer’s Note*

This photoshoot had an abundance of these types of images (“loud”), but I chose to focus on the quiet ones because I feel that sometimes people view Family Photography as only capturing large smiles.  The quiet images tell great stories too.

For more information and photography tips, check out my article, Don’t Wait For A Smile.  I wrote it to help photographers capture images of children, but this pertains to Lifestyle Photography as a whole.

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