My long-time friend from Cal, whom I call “Mamacita” (not just currently, but for many years now), is el prego with her third baby!  Woohoo!  Here are some of my favorite photos from her photoshoot today.  (I couldn’t wait to look at her shots and am eager to post right away.  These were taken this morning!)

This family shot is all about Togetherness…

Here’s Mamacita B!  Isn’t she gorgeous?  She is 32 weeks along… hard to believe, huh?!!  She looks like she’s only 5 months pregnant.  I made her jet out her belly a little and also use her hands to accentuate the roundness of the belly.  If she didn’t do those things, she would just look like me after a big meal!  Okay, more like me after Thanksgiving.

Benny was such a good sport during the photoshoot.  For someone who doesn’t like photos very much, he did great!  This photo is so sweet.  And I love Mamacita’s expression.

The girls were hilarious.  We told jokes and played games during the family portion of the shoot.  This moment is classic!  Children’s photography is so much about capturing the moment.

I love these 2 photos below, and they look so interesting side-by-side:  A top-down and a bottom-up view!  One highlights Mamacita’s smiling face, the other highlights her belly.  In the second photo, I focused on her rings, which she just happened to clean the night before.  Tee hee.  You can tell, too!  Talk about bling bling!

For these shots, I carefully looked for areas with the perfect lighting.  What I was searching for were areas with bright sun, but soft, that were also spotted with shade.  I purposely wanted only certain aspects of Mamacita ‘lit up’.  This creates more artistic maternity portraits, in my opinion.  I love playing with light.

In this garden shot, I especially like how she’s standing with one arm down and one hand on her belly.  The natural smile on her face is so sweet, and I love the soft lighting.  It’s all about the lighting!  Also, the bushes near her casted dark shadows against the tree, which really made her stand out in this photo.  I couldn’t have set this up better, even if I had artificial lighting.  Of course I made Brenda walk around a bit to “find the light”.  (Thanks, Mamacita, for letting me tell you what to do for an hour!)

If you’ve been a client of mine, you know that your photoshoot does not have a definitive “start” and “end” time!  Just when you think it’s over… AHA!  I snap a few more shots!  🙂  That’s just my style.  If I see a shot, I take it, no matter what time my watch says.  Some of my favorite shots from client photoshoots have been taken during the last few minutes.

This photo below was taken of Brianna in the street!  We were at our cars and saying our goodbyes, and then I spotted this vintage trailer parked on the street.  So of course, like anyone who sees a trailer in the street, I had to take photos there!  This photo shows only a tiny smidget of the trailer (one large wheel), but it creates an interesting shape and gives the image more texture.  You see just enough to wonder about its story.  “Where is she?”  “What is she doing?”  I love it.  (For Photographers:  I applied a ‘rusty’ effect to this image to make it look more grunge-y.)

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