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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Presenting one of the coolest print products around:  Metal Prints!

Metal Prints are sleek.  Modern.  Unique.  They render colors beautifully.  They are Gorgeous with a capital G!

Metal Prints are photographs that are printed directly onto metal.

Once you hold one in your hands, you’ll want to touch it over and over, I swear!  That’s what I did.


The corners are rounded for heightened coolness… and I SUPPOSE for safety too!  😉

For the holidays, I created 6×6 and 5×7 metal prints and added a magnet in the back.  They make terrific gifts!  You can also display them with an easel for these smaller sizes too.

*NEW Metal Bracket*

For larger sizes (8×8 and larger), there will be a metal bracket added to the back for a super cool way to hang it on a wall!

(You can still opt to have a bare metal back, if you know you’d like to display your metal print on an easel or leaned against something for a table or shelf display.  Just let me know when you order it.)



There is an opening with teeth for stability when hanging and rubber feet on the bracket to protect your wall from scratches.


[For pricing and size information, email me or to see the full product list, click here to go to my Products Page.]

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