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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

These mini cards are sleek and cool, and they’re just the perfect size to keep in your pocket, backpack, diaper bag, wherever!  You will be able to hand them out to friends faster than you can say “beeblebopperbobbenheimer!”  Well, definitely faster than you can say that word!

These mini cards can be used as Senior Cards, as you see below.  They are much hipper to hand out to friends than wallet-size photos!  Mini cards also make fantastic Mommy Cards, so work-at-home moms can easily share contact information with other parents.

The Mini Card Collection

Mini cards are designed just for you!


Customized Info

You can put as much or as little information on your cards as you’d like.

It could have just one word — such as, a nickname (“The Rock”) — or it can have several pieces of information — such as, “Jordana, Justin’s Mommy, 867-5309”.  Whatever you wish!


Tin Is In!

All mini card orders come in a tin case that I love!

I have it next to my gorgeous tin CD cases, so you could see the relative size.


Product Details At-A-Glance

~ Mini Cards come in a set of 100 cards.   [Click here to see Mini Card pricing.]

~ You can choose 1 to 4 images to display on your cards.

~ There is one image per card.  (So if you choose 2 images to display, then you will receive 50 cards for each image.)

~ All orders include one tin case.

~ There is a protective glossy coating on the card cover (the side with an image).  The back side will also have a design printed on it, but will not have an image, so it will not be specially coated.

~ You will have an opportunity to view a draft of your cards before it is sent to the lab.  That is a time for you to check the accuracy of the information.

~ To order, simply email me the following information:

1)  Quantity you’d like to order

2)  The file names of the images you’d like on your cards

#)  The information you’d like included

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