Mom’s New Jewels

I got my fingerprint necklaces today! WOOOO-WEEEEEE!!!

I am so excited that I feel giddy — a feeling I haven’t felt in awhile. The necklaces are so awesome. Solid silver and oh-so-cute! The best part is that they are 100% unique because each charm is a thumbprint of each of my two monkeys!

The packaging was cute too, so I had to take photos of that before I ruined it. I wanted to tear it wide open and it took great self-control to resist!  Starfield Bay did a great job from the packaging to the jewelry product, and this is a something I can’t wait to give as gifts to other moms!

See for yourself…


I love the story.


A close up with a reverse macro lens.


The backside was personalized… which is great for when I’m in the golden years and can’t remember what year my kids had thumbprints this miniature!



These photos were taken on my kitchen table at 9:30pm, so it wasn’t the best light.  But you get the idea!  I really couldn’t wait til morning to take photos of it, and I wanted to share how cool this is with y’all, so taking photos of the packaging and product was a must.

I am wearing them right now.  I’ll share photos of me wearing it another time… when I have makeup on and don’t have food stains on my clothes from my messy monkeys!)

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