Move Over, Martha Stewart

The decor, the food, the adorable details were handmade, home-cooked and made with love.  Move over, Martha Stewart!

Today’s San Francisco Bay Area Event Photography was for a birthday party of a sweet little girl whom I met this Spring.

(Click here to see photos of “Little Pineapple Bun”.)

Tasty Treats

Meet Martha…I mean Emily!  🙂

Jules Coloring

Bedroom Fun

Who is having the most fun here?   Tee hee.

The Cousins

Did you do a double-take on his eyes, like I did?!!  They are fantastic!

Happy Birthday, Jules!

The Birthday Cake

Here is Jules with her first birthday cake.

Minute 1…. “What am I supposed to do with this cake?”

Minute 4… poke poke.

Minute 7…  mmmmm.

Minute 15…

The Aftermath…

Happy VERY FIRST birthday, Jules!

May your year be filled with cool adventures, incredible growth, good health, and lots and lots of love and kisses!

I hope to see you in 2012,

Your very own paparazzi – Annie

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