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Oren & Kelley, Aptos Beach Wedding Photography

You may remember the e-session of my gorgeous couple, Oren and Kelley, from August.  Well, on Friday night, they tied the knot!

As a reflection of their love, they kept their wedding sweet, simple and fun by getting married on the beach… barefooted!

The Details


Even in the dark, the bride’s bracelet would sparkle!


Of course the boulder I wanted to shoot the rings on were located high above ground, so I had to climb several boulders with all my gear dangling around me to get this shot!

So take an extra moment to gaze at this image, so that my risky moves were worth it!  😉



A second after I took this shot, the bouquet started rolling!  I had to lunge forward to catch it before it took a 2-story leap to its death!

Kelley saw my lightening speed reaction and warmly congratulated me with “Good catch!” when I returned her bouquet.  I love her!



Getting Ready

This is Kelley’s mom, Ann, getting her hair done while Kelley was peeking at the beach from the balcony.  


Suzy the dog knew just where to lay down!  I think she was warming it up for Kelley and Oren!


Grandma watching and waiting from the side.  The late afternoon light streamed in through the windows and hugged one side of her.


As I was heading up the stairs from the beach, I saw a glimpse of this dad rocking his 3-month old baby in a carseat on the deck.

Only at a specific angle could I see both his and his baby’s face between the slats of the wood.  And that was exactly the shot I wanted!


The Beautiful Bride:  Kelley

I had actually taken a few bridal portraits of Kelley outdoors, but the impromptu ones on the bed are my favorites!

We had time to spare because the ceremony was delayed.  (We were waiting for the last arrival of guests.)  So I hung out in her room and we did some semi-boudoir shots!  Fun fun.  Kelley was fantastic and was game for anything!


[FYI to Photographers: I wanted to highlight her lashes and the flowers in her hair, so I took a top-down viewpoint.  There are many ways you can get creative:  the pose, composition, ISO/aperture/shutter speed, processing and also the perspective!]


Togetherness Before the Craziness

No matter how elaborate or simple, large or small your wedding, there is always a bit of craziness.  What I mean by that is, there will always be things that don’t go as planned during a wedding.  That’s part of the charm of weddings!

So Oren and Kelley had their first meeting before the ceremony, and we spent time taking bride and groom photos before all the “craziness” began.


I like the way their legs are touching.  It is so loving in the simplest of ways.


Seeing each other before their wedding began ensured that they would have time to focus on each other and how they were feeling.


They kept the guests on the patio with drinks while they had the beach all to themselves.  This is one of my favorite shots!


Love the long shadows late in the day…


And in case you’re wondering, here are a few of the unplanned “charm”  that happened:  missing guests, a power outage and someone’s hair caught on fire!  The amazing part is that Kelley and Oren took everything in stride.  Kelley had a smile on her face the whole time, and I even saw her helping other people relax.  Incredible.

I wish Oren and Kelley the very best in their life together.  May you always find the joy in being together and have patience when times are trying, just like I saw on your special day!  XXOO!  ~Annie

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