Rained Out

OMG, what a morning!  Here’s how it went….

7:15am  Woke up with a jolt.  I’m late!  Gotta go!

7:30am  Started driving.  I had a photoshoot at 9am in the South Bay.  I left my house early in case I ran into weekday traffic.  Plus, I like arriving to new locations early, so I could explore it and also check lighting.

8:00am  What traffic?!!  Yep, good ol’ Murphy’s Law was at it again.  (Ok, that AND it is the day before Thanksgiving!)

Ho hum.  What to do…?  For the next hour, I walked around the misty morning and breathed in the crisp cold air.  The sky was overcast, perfect for portrait lighting.  I eagerly awaited the hour to pass, took some photos, and then…

9:00am:  Client calls.  They’ll be 5 more minutes.

9:01am:  Raindrops!

AHHHHHH!  I’ve had bad weather on photoshoot days before, but usually it’s clear whether we need to reschedule or not.  Today, I am ALREADY at the shoot and it begins to rain.  Not one photo was taken.  Clients arrived right as it started drizzling.

I ended up waiting at the clients’ house to see if the drizzle would pass, but the drizzle only turned into rain.  *sigh*

Including the drive, this NON-photoshoot took 4 hours!  It was unfortunate for my clients who both took the day off, for my husband who worked from home so I could do this photoshoot, and for me because, well, I… hmmm… actually, I didn’t mind it that much.  I got to chat with Sandhya for an hour, play with her daughter’s toys in their livingroom, and explore a scenic area early in the morning.

Here are some photos I took before it started raining…

This tree bark had great textures and nice contrasts.  It would make a cool desktop wallpaper.

This little squirrel ran around and taunted the ducks…  Go ducks go!

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