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Ria & Jose, San Francisco Wedding Details

Alas, I have more time to post photos from Ria and Jose’s wedding 2 days ago.  [Click here to see part 1, their Old Hollywood shots.]

This wedding was a photographer’s DREAM.  Take all the fun things to shoot — the ceremony, wedding details, and styled bride and groom portraits — and voila, my wedding shoot for Ria and Jose!

Throughout the planning process, Ria and I exchanged numerous emails about inspiration ideas, accessories, props, attire, location.  It was exciting to see everything evolve and then get to shoot the wedding 2 years later.  Thank you, Ria, for trusting me with such a special life event and involving me in the whole process!

Some Details

Ria’s bouquet from Floral Ornament was so lovely!  I think peonies are my new favorite flower after seeing this bouquet!


When you don’t know which shoes to wear, wear both!   🙂


A gorgeous vintage headpiece to spice up a timeless, elegant 3/4 length wedding gown


A handmade boutonniere and a vintage 1960s bow tie


They thought of every detail, even Jose’s argyle socks!


The Paper

For extra special occasions, I think it is nice to get a shot of the day’s newspaper to show the date and the headlines of the day.

For the birth of my kids, I like to keep the newspaper of the day they were born.  I’m kind of sappy, huh?!!


This editorial shot looks like it was taken in the 1940s in a lobby of a hotel.



Sharing a shake at a diner is oh-so romantic!



Ria and Jose had a black Town Car on their wedding day.  It felt like a Batmobile bec it zoomed all around the city quickly and effortlessly.

The driver of this Batmobile was really friendly, and we found out he got married not long ago in the same place as Ria and Jose!


Love love…


Fave Editorial Shot

Let me explain why I like this shot bec it may not be obvious…

1.  The similarity of body positions between the man walking by and Ria.  They both have their head forward and a leg bent.  It creates parallel (crooked) lines, which is visually interesting.

2.  The clash of outfits.  Ria and Jose’s vintage-inspired wedding attire is classic!  Then you have that man’s outfit, which I also love:  a rainbow cap, yellow jacket and skinny jeans.  He gives the image a hint of pure whimsy.

3.  There is a nice balance in this shot.  The man is walking away on the left side while Ria and Jose are standing on the right side of the frame.  There are still subjects and moving subjects.  There is something set-up (Ria and Jose) and something candid (man).

Finally, I processed the image to give it a vintage flavor, which I think fits this shot so well.  Ooh, I want to make this into a card to send to everyone!


Lastly, here’s a quick story I have to share!  It made mama so proud.   🙂

When we were taking photos inside City Hall, someone asked Ria, “Where do you want to go now (for photos)?”

Ria’s answer:  “It depends on the light!”


Bride’s Wedding Gown:  Nordstroms Wedding

Groom’s Wedding Suit:  Paul Dione Classic

Bouquet:  Floral Ornament

Hair/Makeup:  Renato Herico of Star City Salon

Car:  Red Tie Transportation, driver Giovanni

Bride’s Headpiece:  Vintage Pale Blue Ribbon and Organza Fascinator Headpiece from Kisses from Ana

Cream Shoes:  “Cheesecake” by Shellys London, purchased from Anthropologie

Green Shoes:  “Heather” by Miz Mooz

Handmade Flowers:  Etsy Champagne Mum Flower Bridal Shoe Clips by C Shiver

Boutonniere:  Preppy Chic Boutonniere by Pixel and Hank

Bow Tie:  Vintage 1960s Brown Stripes Bow Tie from Raleigh Vintage

Groom’s shoes and argyle socks:  Cole Haan

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