Meet Ted

One of these headshots is not like the other. Can you guess which?

You were thinking Dani's in the top left, I bet. Yup, I shot hers behind a floral bush, so it's a little 'softer' than the others due to the foreground bokeh. :)

They also have a new family member, Teddy. He is the fuzzy guy in the middle. And he is sooooo cute.

He knows a lot of tricks and has long eyelashes.

Ted loves his sisters, Charlie and Dani.

His sisters use him as weights to build muscles. They now have super strength. They plan to lift tractors next.

This is Ted's family.

This is how Dani and Charlie reacted when their parents gave in... I mean, agreed to adopt a puppy... Woohoooo!

[Note to self: Don't blog late at night when your brain is mush. Aiyaiyai.]

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