San Francisco E-Session: Ivan & Irene [Vintage]

I just can’t wait any longer!  I haven’t finished going through yesterday’s engagement session images yet, but I am bursting to share them!

So here is part 1:  The Vintage Session.  This was a styled shoot, not my usual lifestyle shoot.  (Our e-session was more like 3 mini sessions because there were 3 locations.  And they were all entirely different — so, stay tuned!)

How would I describe this shoot?

Let’s just say… throughout the entire 3.5 hour shoot, I kept saying, “Love love love!”  🙂

I can’t even put creative titles on these images because I have a loss for words.  I know, I know, this is the first time ever, right?!!  Enjoy the sneak peek, part one!

Ivan & Irene [Vintage]

Living Room 1

Living Room 2 & 3

Living Room 4

Living Room 5 & 6

Living Room 7

Living Room 8

Living Room 9


Dining Room 1 & 2

Dining Room 3


Love Birds 1

This adorable DIY sign was handcrafted by Irene!  She cut out cardboard letters and glued bird seeds on them, and hung them on a tree branch!

Love Birds 2

Love Birds 3

Secret Garden 1

Secret Garden 2

Railroad Station 1

Railroad Station 2

[June 6, 2011 Addendum: Ivan and Irene’s e-session made it on the almighty, super cool, ULTIMATE wedding publication, Style Me Pretty!  Wahoooo!  The article is titled “Wrap It Up Pretty”.]

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