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Fun and Talk at Lizard Rock

I need to brush up on How To Write Titles. haha

How do I say this? I LOVED THIS SHOOT. To run around with kids who love each other and feel comfortable with you that they can be themselves. To chat with the parents like you're old friends, which you've become from so many years of shooting them. It was so fun to catch up, share ideas, and get updates.

This is really a dream job.

Take a peek at Jeff and Louisa's shoot to see the kind of morning we had! You can't even tell it was a cool day, someone had a stomachache, and someone had to hike a long distance in high heels.

All you'll notice is the giggling and laughing from millions of bubbles, rubberband ball tosses, hand-holding; and a breathtaking view during snack time at Lizard Rock.

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