Shhhh… It’s a Secret!

Yesterday’s East Bay lifestyle family photography session was of the S Family who had a fun-filled morning in the East Bay.  Even though it was ccccccold, we were thankful it finally stopped raining!

Ooh, Mint…

Oh wait… Pfft!  Pffft!  Blek! 

Nope, it’s not mint.  But it sure was pretty.  🙂   [Note:  No photographers were harmed during the shooting of this plant.]

Playing with the Girls

I was playing a game with Ella (10) and Jamie (7) while their parents watched.

The girls were having so much fun that I had to shoot this in a fun way!

I composed the image, so that the girls were like bookends to the parents, and I focused on the parents.  I had my aperture wide open (in this case, f/2.8), so I would blur out the girls who were close to me — REALLY close — in order to accentuate how they were the ones in motion and with playful expressions.  The contrast is fun-fun-fun!


How else would one use an umbrella?!!


I found a circle-shaped eyelet in the curtain, so of course I shot through it.  I’m wild like that.  Heh heh.

Shhhh… It’s a Secret!

Have your parents ever told you it’s not good to tell secrets?  Well, what if it’s to an elephant?

There were so many great shots from yesterday’s session.  Since it was also my birthday, I decided to only blog about the really funny ones!

Oh, here’s another one…

Our Attempt at an “Awkward Family Portrait”

That one tickles my ribs!

Thanks, Jackie and Phil, for a great session!  Your girls were wonderful and I had so much fun.  Your full gallery will be ready later this week! 


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