Standout Mount with Bamboo

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I love the line pattern on bamboo…the smooth feel of it…the natural color…and that it’s eco-friendly.

So, why not have bamboo for my best selling product:  Standout Mounts!

I ordered this gorgeous 20×30″ Standout Mount with a bamboo edge and paired it with lustre paper to match the organic feel of the bamboo.  (The rest of my “Happy Wall” is covered in Standout Mounts with a black edge and Metallic Paper for the nifty sheen.)  I also added a lustre coating on top of the print for a more matte look and extra protection against fingerprints.

It just arrived today, and I am so excited about it that I not only added it to my product offerings, but also, had to take photos of it right away!

Bamboo Edge


Lustre Paper with an extra layer of Lustre Coating


Why Standout Mounts with Bamboo?  Why not have prints mounted on solid bamboo?

I put a lot of thought into all the products I offer.  For a long time, I wanted to sell images printed directly on a slab of bamboo!  However, the slab of bamboo, though gorgeous, was way too heavy.  That made it difficult to hang and also not as safe for hanging on a wall in a house with children — and most of my clients (including myself) have young children. 

So what is a light product that is modern-looking and easy-to-hang?  Standout Mounts!

Having these mounts with a bamboo edge instead of the standard black plastic edge was a great idea, but almost too good to be true.  But it really is all that!

Since I now offer two types of edges, when do you choose a Black Edge versus a Bamboo Edge?

Simply put, the black edge goes with pretty much any type of image and any decor home.  You can also choose any paper type (Metallic Paper or Lustre Paper).  With a bamboo edge, I think it looks better with Lustre Paper only and it looks better with an outdoor image to match the organic look of bamboo.

If you have specific questions that I haven’t already answered, you can ask me!  I’d be happy to help.


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